Transition and the changes associated with them are as natural as the sun rising and setting. We experience a transition in every facet of our lives, our professional space is no different. Under the steady leadership of the Senior Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and Chancellor of the Board, Bishop McKinley Young, and in concert with Chairman Dr. Mark Wilson and members of the Board of Trustees, this transition has been meticulously planned and well executed. Immediately after announcing my departure the board concluded, unanimously, in their search for a successor they look no further than our very own Executive Vice President and Provost, Dr. Elfred Anthony Pinkard.

With a successor in place, the transition began in earnest. We carefully and methodically constructed a plan with clear transitional expectations and a timeline for a peaceful transition from the Felton Administration to the Pinkard Administration. As a testament to this concerted effort, the actual transition outpaced our transition timeline expectations.

President Pinkard has demonstrated an uncanny ability to understand the complex challenges facing the institution, while simultaneously exhibiting the requisite leadership skills necessary to lead “Dear Old WU” on the next leg of her race. As such, one voice is all that is needed when leading- the instant is no different. Therefore, with the full support of the board of trustees, I respectfully “yield the floor” to ensure the Pinkard administration can begin their work unabated. The rising of the sun on February 2, 2018, introduces the beginning of my permanent transition, while the setting of the sun on that date will signal the conclusion of my permanent transition from Wilberforce University. I am grateful for the opportunity afforded me and my family by the board of trustees and thank them immensely. Moreover, my sincere gratitude lies with all of my teammates who enriched my life. I will never forget your rich imprint on me and pray God keeps you all in the very palm of his hand.

Suo Marte,

Herman James Felton, Jr.
21st President
Wilberforce University

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