Wilberforce University

Date Day Opponent Location Time
3   Saturday Univ. of Northwestern Ohio - Lima Wilberforce, OH 3:00pm
9   Friday Bevo Francis Tourney @ Univ. of Rio Grande Rio Grande, OH 4:00pm
10   Saturday Bevo Francis Tourney @ Univ. of Rio Grande Rio Grande, OH 1:00/5:00pm
14   Wednesday Indiana University - Northwest Gary, IN 7:00pm (CST)
16   Friday Marian University Tournament Marian, IN 6:00/8:00pm
17   Saturday Marian University Tournament Marian, IN 1:00/3:00pm
20   Tuesday Walsh University Canton, OH 7:00pm
27   Tuesday California University of Pennsylvania California, PA 7:30pm
30   Friday Berea College Tourney vs. Berea College Berea, KY 8:00pm
1   Saturday Berea College Tourney vs. Asbury University Berea, KY 2:00pm
4   Tuesday Kentucky State University Frankfort, KY 7:30pm
7   Friday Grace College Tourney vs. Grace College Winona Lake, IN 8:00pm
8   Saturday Grace College Tourney vs. St. Francis - Ft. Wayne Winona Lake, IN 1:00pm
11   Tuesday Indiana University - East Wilberforce, OH 7:00pm
14   Friday Marian University Tourney Marian, IN 6:00/8:00pm
15   Saturday Marian University Tourney Marian, IN 1:00/3:00pm
5   Saturday Robert Morris College Chicago, IL TBD
9   Wednesday Ohio Midwestern University Wilberforce, OH 8:00pm
15   Tuesday Shawnee State University Wilberforce, OH 7:00pm
19   Saturday Central State University Wilberforce, OH TBD
22   Tuesday Indiana University - Kokomo Wilberforce, OH 7:30pm
24   Thursday University of Cincinnati - Clermont Cincinnati, OH 7:30pm
31   Thursday Indiana University Northwest Wilberforce, OH 7:00pm
3   Sunday Kentucky State University Wilberforce, OH 4:00pm
5   Tuesday Indiana University - Kokomo Kokomo, IN 7:00pm
9   Saturday Shawnee State University Portsmouth, OH 4:00pm
13   Wednesday University of Cincinnati - Clermont Wilberforce, OH 7:30pm
16   Saturday Cedarville University Cedarville, OH 7:30pm
22-24   All Conference Playoffs Jamestown, ND TBD

* - denotes a home game

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