Mr. & Miss Wilberforce University

Miss Wilberforce University (Miss WU) is the official student hostess and ambassador for the University. Mr. Wilberforce is the official student host and ambassador for the University. The Royal Court serves as the official support to Mr. and Miss WU and represents the general student body in an official capacity.

Since Miss WU’s inception she and her Royal Court have played a significant role, in public, as student representatives. Each young lady is expected to be a person of high moral conduct and a student with a great deal of school pride and spirit. Her role now includes public speaking as a University spokesperson, student role model and new student recruiter. It is necessary that she be well versed and extremely comfortable in the public eye. The same is true of Mr. WU since his re-introduction in 2005.

The Royal Court’s role is that they are also expected to be well-versed and comfortable in the public eye.

Mr. and Miss WU and the Royal Court are encouraged to understand their roles and responsibilities as the official student hosts and hostesses for the University.

Reigning Miss Wilberforce University
Ale’Ce Andrews
Senior, Biology Major

Reigning Mr. Wilberforce University
Brandon Adamson
Senior, Accounting Major

1st Attendant to Mr. Wilberforce University
Eddie Scott


Mr. & Miss Wilberforce
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Royal Court