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About the Office of Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life functions to create and foster a community environment that upholds the mission and values of Wilberforce University through the Residential experience.  Residence Life recognizes that living in the residence halls is an integral part of the students' educational process where students are individually and collectively challenged and supported in the journey to become mature, contributing citizens in a global community. We believe that students learn and grow in many ways during their college experience and that residence hall living is a vehicle that can be a catalyst for positive growth. ¬†Through an on-campus living experience students gain a sense of belonging, acquire new skills, gain self responsibility and integrate knowledge obtained both inside and outside of the classroom. The Residence Life Staff works to support students in their personal growth and to challenge students to successfully achieve their academic goals. With this holistic approach we create a community conducive to learning that allows our students to share in the responsibility of making campus life a "home away from home."

The Office of Residence Life believes that the most effective way to achieve its mission is to build a community that enables growth, learning, and self-authorship. Through these actions the Office of Residence Life creates an atmosphere where interaction is promoted, friendships are encouraged, respect and inclusion become expected, and celebration and fun is anticipated. Therefore, our community is built on 6 Principles:

  1. A purposeful community where students, faculty, and staff share goals and collaborate for personal development, value clarification, and learning; a place where creativity and innovation are expressed.
  2. An open community where freedom of expression is honored and where civility is powerfully affirmed; a place that fosters dialogue and advocacy.
  3. A just community where the value of each person is paramount and where diversity education is pursued.
  4. A disciplined community where individuals accept their obligations to the group and where well-defined policies and procedures guide responsible decision-making for the common good.
  5. A caring community where the well-being of each member is compassionately supported and where service to others is encouraged.
  6. A celebrative community where the heritage of the institution is remembered and where rituals affirming both tradition and change are widely shared.