Community Standards addresses student discipline and Title IX concerns. This department works to encourage student safety (in partnership with Campus Police), address honor code and student code of conduct violations, and administer our 2017 Title IX Sexual Misconduct ProcessFor more information regarding our honor code and student code of conduct please visit our

Policy Prohibiting Discrimination or Harassment-
“Wilberforce University is committed to providing a productive academic and co-curricular living-learning environment that is free from discrimination or harassment on any basis and in which community member is treated with respect…” pg. 50 of 2016-17 Wilberforce Student Handbook

When a student feels that they have been subjected to discrimination on the basis of sex, they may use these Title IX grievance procedures (Title IX Sexual Misconduct Process) to bring concerns to the attention of the Community Standard and Title IX Coordinator for the purpose of obtaining a prompt and equitable resolution.

Contact – Ms. Kelly Brown, Coordinator for Community Standards and Title IX

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