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About the Library

Only borrowers registered in the Stokes Library OPAL or OhioLINK systems may borrow items from the Stokes Library. Please present your own Stokes Library barcode (or your OPAL/OhioLINK barcode) at the Reserve Office desk to borrow circulating materials.

Who is eligible to register at the Stokes Library?

  • Currently registered full-time WU students
    (traditional and all CLIMB - full privileges)

  • Current full-time employees of WU
    (faculty, administrators, staff - full privileges)

  • Part-time students and employees of WU
    (limited privileges)

  • Local residents and local alumni
    (including Payne Theological Seminary students and employees - guest local borrowing privileges)

As a private institution, Wilberforce University reserves the right to limit use of its collections and services to its own constituencies. Others may access the collections on-site or via interlibrary loan through their home public libraries.

What are the procedures for registering?

  • Secure an official ID card through the Media Technology Office (preferred but optional)

  • Visit the Stokes Library Reserve Office.

  • Complete a short registration form including contact information.

  • Show a picture ID and confirm relationship with the University.

  • If you meet the registration eligibility requirements, you will be registered in the OPAL system and will receive a library barcode for easy use of the system's features. The barcode will be attached to your official university ID card or to a temporary yellow library card.

  • At any time, if you need to replace the barcode, visit the Stokes Library Reserve Office for a free replacement.

  • Review the online tutorials to learn to use the features of the OPAL system.

What are the privileges of registering?

There are four levels of borrowers at the Stokes Library.

  1. Full privilege borrowers are full-time students and employees. These borrowers may borrow up to 25 books from the local library, and may place holds on up to 10 items at a time from other libraries in the OPAL/OhioLINK system. If overdue or lost book fees total more than $50, privileges are suspended until the patron consults the librarian. Privileges are then restored. These full-privilege borrowers also may access the library's subscription scholarly databases from off-campus locations through authentication.

  2. Part-time privilege borrowers may borrow local items (4 maximum) and use all of the library's databases via on-campus computers.

  3. Guest borrowers may borrow a limited number of local items (4). Privileges are suspended if any items on loan are overdue or if any fines are accrued. See the librarian to have privileges restored.

  4. OPAL/OhioLINK borrowers presenting their home library active barcodes may borrow from the local collection according to the consortial agreements. Items borrowed from the local collection may be returned to Wilberforce or to the home library (make sure the books are clearly identified for return to Wilberforce).

Why do I see overdue return fines on my OPAL patron record?

The OPAL system charges 50 cents daily for each item overdue. These fines accummulate on your record to a maximum of $50.00. If you exceed that maximum overdue fine amount, your privileges are suspended by the system until you contact the Stokes Library Reserve Office.

Following counseling on the importance of timely return of borrowed items, the accummulated fines will be purged and you may resume borrowing with normal privileges. It is imperative that you renew loaned items if you need them longer than the 3-week loan periods. Keep your patron account current.

How can I avoid paying money to the library?

You have responsibilities. Return everything borrowed and on time. If you return all items loaned to you, you will never be obligated to pay additional fines. An item not returned at the end of a semester is considered lost unless and until you return it. If you have paid any money for the lost item and then locate and return it, you will receive a full refund. We just want the books back!

At the end of each semester, your patron account will be evaluated:

  • All accounts are frozen at the end of the current semester until the patrons register for the next semester (or begins the new employment period).

  • The account overdue fines will be reset to $0.00 if all loaned items have been returned.

  • Lost books must be paid for to reactivate your account (and to permit registration for classes or graduation).

What happens if I borrow items for my friend or my faculty member? I'm just trying to help out.

Never loan your barcode to someone else or borrow on behalf of someone else. The library staff will assist those people to activate their own accounts or access their accounts. Most loans reported "lost" were loaned to someone else.

The bottom line is that you are responsible for the safe return of every single item borrowed on your account; no excuses.




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