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8 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Wednesday through Friday
8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

1 p.m. until 5 p.m.

Phone : (937) 708-5630

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About the Library
Online Reserve List

The Reserve Office is the first main office on your left on the Library's main level. Call 937-708-5630 or 937-708-5630 for more information. Your WU ID card (or driver's license) is needed to use the services of this office. Always bring it with you. Never loan your card to others; you then become responsible for their business.

Here you will find:

  1. Materials placed on reserve by faculty for supplemental reading, reference, and research.
  2. Current year periodicals and newspapers.
  3. Popular and recent reference resources.
  4. CD-ROM resources for use in the Scarborough Multimedia Computer Lab.
  5. Popular topic pamphlets.
  6. Mail order catalogs such as Spiegels.
  7. Circulating games such as chess.
  8. In-house typewriters
  9. Loan services -- here is where you bring books you wish to borrow.
  10. Ready reference service -- ask all questions here. Every question is important to us. The staff member may direct you to a reference librarian for personalized assistance and consultation.


Faculty may place any item on reserve if it bears full citation information. Reserved items must meet copyright laws. Copies of videotapes without licensing rights or outside of copyright restrictions cannot be placed on reserve. Any items borrowed from other libraries cannot be placed on reserve.

Faculty are urged to examine local collections and recommend additions to the permanent collections. Each faculty member should pay special attention to the references and circulating materials related to the courses that they teach. Plan purchase requests at least a semester in advance; however, consult the librarian about special needs. Faculty may not place items on reserve unless those items are owned by Wilberforce University or the faculty member.

If you have a handout or sample test to place on reserve and you have this item in a computer format, please consider submitting the electronic version so that the Library can post an "electronic" reserve. This strategy means that your materials can be available to your students any time of day.





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