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Remembering WU

Explore Wilberforce University (Ohio) history through letters, other historical documents and news reports.

  • Arlington National Cemetery, Washington D.C:
    Wilberforce University Connections
  • Mrs. Eliza M. French Taylor of South Orange, New Jersey, recalls how her father (Mansfield French) participated as visionary and first agent in the founding of Wilberforce University, 1856. (Letters - Nov. 1, 1913 and Feb. 24, 1914)

  • Mrs. Fannie Parker Currier (Mrs. Charles W. Currier), daughter of James Kennedy Parker (first and temporary principal of Wilberforce University), recalls her childhood on the Wilberforce campus, 1857-1858. (Letters - April 6 and 24, 1916)

  • Baseball Team 1897 a photograph with some identified players, provided by Raymond Wallace Lucas, whose great uncle, William A. Wallace, appears in the photo.

  • Dr. William A. Galloway Xenia physician, pays tribute to Dr. William S. Scarborough in a Xenia Gazette article that also describes the funeral. (Newspaper article 1926)

  • Mrs. William S. Scarborough authorizes the donation of certain Wilberforce memorabilia to Dr. William A. Galloway, Xenia physician to her husband for 36 years. ( Letter - Nov. 4, 1926)

  • Dr. Warrick L. Barrett sends memories of his father, Ross P. Barrett, and grandfather E. Champ Warrick, both active with WU athletics in the 1940s. Includes photos.

  • James Wesley Chunn, Jr., Class of 1978 remembers the 1970s!

  • Kimberly Hardy-Porter, Class of 1985 remembers the 1980s!

We Must Remember!
The Wilberforce University Archives is collecting letters of remembrance from alumni, staff, and friends. The university's history becomes vibrant through letters and articles such as those published on this page. More are needed for all periods of WU's history. Please mail to the WU Archives your letter of remembrance of a special event at Wilberforce, your favorite memory, a tribute to someone at WU who inspired you, a description of your dorm room, etc. Include your written permission for us to publish your contribution here on this website as well as any comparable printed version.

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