The Center for Entrepreneurship, Social Good, and Transformational Leadership was established in 2017 at Wilberforce University. Founded under the direction of President Herman J. Felton, The Center is supported through a generous gift from Dr. Mark and Shelly Wilson. Dr. Mark Wilson is a graduate of Wilberforce University and CEO/Founder of Chime Solutions, Inc. The Wilsons have given their time and talent to Wilberforce University and are the examples we seek for our students. As a result of the Wilson’s generosity The Center will be a place where participants come to know and grapple with the various issues of our time and engage in solution building through learning and practices that relates to entrepreneurship, social good, and transformational leadership.

About the Center

The Center’s Mission: The mission of The Center is to generate change through the development of entrepreneurs, to impact the social good through research, engagement, and action, and to inspire leadership that transforms communities.

The Center’s Structure: The Center is a compilation of three distinct institutes that focus on Entrepreneurship, Social Good, and Transformational Leadership. Each institute will be led by a scholar, and their purpose will be to engage the Wilberforce University community by facilitating learning & experiences that lead to entrepreneurship, impact social good, and invigorate transformational leadership. An Executive Director will oversee The Center. The institutes, although distinct in nature, share a common purpose – to engage in solution making with the communities our students represent.

The Center’s Strategy: The Center’s foundational strategy consists of engagement, experiential learning, and research. The Center seeks:

  • to increase entrepreneurship in the communities our students represent
  • to raise awareness of the social issues of our time and their impact on our communities
  • to facilitate change through experiential learning opportunities
  • to serve as a research hub that produces accessible resources for our communities
  • to develop individuals who embrace their possibility as transformational leaders


Wilberforce University Emerging Entrepreneur’s Road Trip Contest (Travel Dates Dec. 11-15, 2017)

The Center is currently accepting applications for students to participate in a unique entrepreneurship boot camp in Atlanta, GA. Join Entrepreneur Mark Wilson at Chime Solutions, Inc., visit Atlanta’s Gathering Spot, and experience the Robin and Doug Shore Entrepreneurship Center at Kennesaw State University. Students must submit their application, meet with an Idea Coach, and interview to be considered for this amazing opportunity. For more information email Close Date November 22, 2017.

How to Participate:
Enter by Nov. 22, 2017 at 6:00PM

Step I: Prepare an Executive Summary (your two-paged, double spaced, typed-12pt font) that communicates the following-
Overview of your Business Idea, Product or Services Offered, Customers or Prospective Customers Sales & Marketing Strategy, Clear vision of what business you’re trying to create, Good ideas of the potential, as well as the issues of the intended business, Your contact information

Step II: Meet with one of the following IDEA Coaches-
Dr. Marvin Reid (
Rev. Gerald Poe (
Dr. Charles Fox (
Dr. Anu Venkateswaran ( LIMITED AVAILABILITY

Step III: Submit Executive Summary to by Nov. 22, 2017

Step IV: Interview with the Selection Committee (may do so in-person or via technology)

Step V: If selected, prepare to travel to Atlanta, GA to embark on the Wilberforce University Emerging Entrepreneur’s Road Trip!

Please note: A business plan is not required to enter. You will have an opportunity to develop a business plan during the competition. The business submissions must be your own original work and ideas. You must also be currently enrolled at Wilberforce University (Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semester) to participate. Must be an enrolled student who is a Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior.


November 8, 2017
Gathering of the Mind Think Tank 
9-5PM, Think Tank, Aerobics Room
Re-Imagining the Educational Reality

Ribbon Cutting of The Dr. Mark and Shelly Wilson Center For Entrepreneurship, Social Good, and Transformational Leadership
12NOON, Wolfe Administration Building Ground Floor

Community Discussion
7PM, Aerobics Room
(Re-)Considering HBCUs as Solution Makers

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