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Wilberforce University 2023 Founders Day
Celebrating Wilberforce University Founders
Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Wilberforce University alum (’98) Tiffney Laing will return to her alma mater to deliver a personal love letter. Laing has been invited to deliver the keynote address for the Tuesday, February 14th, Founders’ Day. This annual event honors the builders of the nation’s first, private historically Black university.
Founded in 1856, Wilberforce’s beginnings were a result of cooperation between the Methodist Episcopal and African Methodist Episcopal churches. That meant the clergy leaders of European and African descent cooperated with each other to establish an institution of higher learning for Black people during America’s period of enslavement.
More than 160 years later, that collaboration is still educating students, and each year, Wilberforce University acknowledges the founding group that had the confidence to create a college for people of African heritage. 
This year, the Founders’ Day celebration will be held Tuesday, February 14th, at 11 am, with ’98 alum Tiffney Laing who will express her affection and appreciation for her university. Laing is the founder of Bevy and Dave, an award winning multimedia education company that empowers children and their families with strong messages about Black history.
“Words cannot express this full-circle moment. To be the Founders’ Day Convocation speaker at my alma mater is beyond amazing,” said Tiffney Laing, ’98. “My dear Wilberforce means so much to me. I am incredibly grateful and honored to have the opportunity to share a message with the students and the entire Wilberforce community. Thank you so much Wilberforce University for choosing me as this year’s Founders’ Day speaker.”
Wilberforce University 2023 Founders Day
Wilberforce University Founders’ Day:
Tuesday, February 14th at 11 am, 
Multiplex Arena, 1055 N. Bickett Rd., 45384
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