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Wilberforce University is excited to announce an exciting, inaugural opportunity for supporters – our new Giving Society, The 50/50 Shield Club.

We are looking for at least 50 people to join the first giving class of 2021-2022.  To become a member, you will need to begin a monthly, $50.00 donation by June 30, 2021. That is a $600.00 dollar gift the first year, but combined, you and the other 49 members will raise an annual gift of $30,000 for the fiscal year.

After a 1 year pledge,  you will receive a 50/50 Shield Club Pin, a 50/50 Shield Club t-shirt, and a 50/50 Shield Club certificate featuring your name and commitment to the nation’s first, private, historically Black university.

Continued giving programs like this recognize donors who support Wilberforce University through annual donations and ensure the university’s needs are addressed.  Your generosity today means you will be a member of a new Wilberforce University philanthropy.

Members List 2021-2022


Membership is now closed: Thank you for your donation and joining the club! 

Membership will open: May 2022 

For more information to join this exclusive society please contact:

Marilyn J. Gadd, Director of Annual Giving

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