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Wilberforce University is committed to the principles of intellectual honesty and integrity.  We believe that students will acquire the most from their educational experiences and their quest for knowledge when they engage in independent and original scholarship.  Furthermore, Wilberforce University believes that academic dishonesty violates the most fundamental values of the University and depreciates the achievements of the entire Wilberforce family.  Therefore, academic dishonesty is one of the most serious offenses that a student can commit while at Wilberforce University.

The community at Wilberforce University, in order to make known the standards to which all community members subscribe, has established the Honor Code.  It is the obligation of all community members to uphold these standards. Should a member not do so, it the obligation of that member to report, or be reported, to the proper authorities.  Failure to uphold the standards of the University or to report any knowledge of infractions by community members will be considered as equally serious and will be dealt with accordingly.

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