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Dr. Stephen Griffin
Director of CLIMB
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Center for Leadership in Management and Business (CLIMB)

The Wilberforce University Center for Leadership in Management and Business (CLIMB) program has been offering accelerated degree completion programs since 1991. The Center aims to expand the CLIMB adult learners’ academic and intellectual capacity to prepare them to lead and excel in a global environment. The CLIMB program is an alternative to the traditional format of earning an undergraduate degree. The CLIMB program provides adult learners with an opportunity to complete a degree in a 5-week accelerated form that will take place entirely online.  Offering courses in an accelerated format allows students to maintain their work and life responsibilities.

At Wilberforce University, only students enrolled in majors offered in the CLIMB program may elect to receive college credit for experiential learning. Students complete a portfolio, guided by the CLIMB faculty and staff. The portfolio is evaluated based upon the rubrics developed by the KOLB’s Model and follows the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) principles.

Degree Requirements

To earn the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree, each student must achieve the following:

  1. 45 minimum, 90 maximum of transferable credit from an accredited higher education institution
  2. Must complete all credit requirements for the specific CLIMB major.
  3. Accumulate 120 credit hours of coursework consisting of completing all credits that are a part of the major, transfer credits, and must meet all general education requirements.
  4. Have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 GPA or above in the 120 credits comprising the complete degree.
  5. Must meet all general education and mission specific requirements.
  6. Opportunity to apply experiential learning credit that equates to college-level credits up to 18 credit hours.

CLIMB Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Management

Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Service Administration

Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems Management (ISM)

Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Administration (CJA)

Experiential Credit

Our students are eligible to receive additional semester hours of credit through the required prior learning portfolio process. Credit of a technical and professional nature may be awarded to CLIMB students for non-collegiate training, employment, and life-learning experiences through a Portfolio Curriculum. Students Identify their experiences in a mandatory essay format and document all appropriate credentials in a portfolio for evaluation.

CLIMB Program Learning Outcomes

Criminal Justice Administration Outcomes

Health and Human Services Outcomes

Information Systems Outcomes

Organizational Management Outcomes

You must enroll for PLA 415 when offered.

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