Victor Jones
Director of Cooperative Education and Career Services
Office: (937) 708-5737

Office Hours:
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

The Cooperative Education and Career Services Program is a mandate of the University. The program is strong and should grow stronger with the newly attained UNCF Career Pathway grant money.

The grant money should bring increases in Co-op staff, technology, partnerships, student career learning, and internships. This will lead to more students getting strong professional jobs after they complete college.

The Cooperative Education and Career Services Program combines classroom education with practical work experience. Our program provides academic credit for structured job experiences.

We also help students with scholarship preparation, essay writing, and personal development training.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that each student receives career knowledge, career development, and positive self-esteem building by promoting and providing experiential life and career learning opportunities.

Our Vision

  • Wilberforce University’s Cooperative Education and Career Services will empower students by fostering career development.
  • Wilberforce University’s Cooperative Education and Career Services will empower students to make informed career decisions and have an advantage in a competitive job market while earning academic credit.
  • Wilberforce University students will gather more knowledge, insight, and proven strategies to obtain an internship, job, or career.
  • Students will learn knowledge of self.
  • Students will learn the value they bring to the job market and society.
  • Students will learn networking and marketing strategies that increase their job opportunities.
  • Students will obtain two Co-op internships before graduation.
  • Wilberforce University’s Cooperative Education and Career Services will continuously create mutually beneficial partnerships with employers, alumni, universities, professional organizations, and the community.

Mandatory Work Experiences

  • It is mandatory at Wilberforce University that all students complete two (2) co-ops before graduation.
  • All work experiences must be for a duration of 35-40 hours per week for 10-16 consecutive weeks to be considered as (1) one co-op credit.

Choosing or Changing a Major

The first step to choosing a major is understanding yourself and your passions. This means examining your values, interests, personality, and skills to discover how they influence your major selection and ultimately your career path.

Wilberforce University’s Cooperative Education and Career Services has assessments that help you define your values, skill set, personality and interests, and how they influence career choice.

Schedule an appointment by calling (937) 708-5737 or emailing

April 25, 2018 – Victor Jones, WU. Co-op Director “What it takes to be successful”
  • First- and second-year students change or choose a major or find internships
  • Juniors and seniors seeking after-graduation jobs or applying to graduate school and fellowships
  • Graduate students seeking internships and after-graduation jobs
  • Any student or alumnus/a who needs career-related assistance, for example:
    • A student who is trying to decide which major is best for him/her
    • A student who likes his/her major, but doesn’t know what to do with it
    • A student who wants help figuring out what kind of job is right for him/her
    • Any graduating student who wants to conduct an effective after-graduation job search
    • A student heading to graduate school who wants feedback on personal statements, or who wants to take a free practice graduate school test
  • One-on-one appointments for self-assessment, career exploration, decision making, job search strategy, networking advice, and interview practice
  • Assistance with choosing or changing a major
  • Resume assistance
  • Graduating Student job search
  • Workshops, career information series, and special events to provide information and training
  • Assistance applying to Graduate school, Co-ops/Internships or Jobs
  • Career Fairs for students to explore employers
  • On-Campus Recruiting for graduating students
  • Opportunities to meet employers in Information Sessions
  • “Testing the waters” to see if a potential career is right for you
  • Getting some experience to add to your resume before a practical experience assignment
  • Helping build your network of connections (employers love to hire from within!)
  • Mostly paid cooperative education experiences
  • Helping to conduct after-graduation job searches and apply to graduate/professional schools

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