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John H. Tooson
Dean of the College of Graduate and Adult Continuing Education
Office: (937) 708-5625
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Master of Science in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling Program

The Master of Science in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling Program (CRCP) is a graduate degree offered through the Division of Arts and Science.

The Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling Program (CRCP) started in August, 2004. The Program is designed to meet the growing demand for qualified, professionally trained clinical rehabilitation counselors who want to work in public and private rehabilitation agencies and institutions.

The program will improve the rehabilitation delivery system by increasing the number of master’s level minority professionals qualified to advance professionally.

Program Mission

Graduates are prepared to meet the psychosocial and vocational needs of persons with:

  • developmental disabilities
  • psychiatric disabilities
  • traumatic brain injury
  • spinal cord injury
  • alcohol and substance abuse behaviors
  • acquired disabling conditions

Graduates are professionally trained for careers in vocational clinical rehabilitation in:

  • government agencies
  • not-for-profit and for-profit community clinical rehabilitation programs
  • educational institutions
  • private for-profit and not-for-profit community rehabilitation programs
  • residential programs
  • case management
  • bureau of worker’s compensation
  • mental health services

Graduates use knowledge and competency to understand the physical, social, psychological, economic, and political implications of disabilities and promote self-sufficiency and independence.

Likewise, graduates learn to understand how gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, and culture impact one’s disability experience. Graduates are trained to engage in ethical practice, implement research initiatives, and practice ongoing professional development.

The program recruits’ candidates from typically underrepresented populations such as minority students and students with disabilities from the entire Region V area. Wilberforce’s Master of Science Degree in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling is the only Historically Black Colleges and University (HBCU) program in the Midwest. (Region V includes Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.)

The program builds our local capacity to provide culturally competent mental health services for minority clients and improve their chances of successful rehabilitation.

Program Objectives

The Master of Science degree in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling Program Objectives:

  • To recruit capable and culturally diverse students.
  • To provide a relevant curriculum that intertwines theory, research, and practice.
  • To assist students in developing a professional identity as a counselor who addresses their clients’ physical and mental health disabilities.
  • To encourage students to engage in the study and exploration of current societal issues such as:
    • Opioid epidemic
    • Stress / Anxiety
    • PTSD
    • Trauma
  • To promote and encourage students to participate in research, scholarly endeavors, and professional development activities.
  • To stress collaboration with community mental health and clinical rehabilitation professionals to discover new professional and curricula opportunities.

Program Outcomes

Masters of Rehabilitation Counseling Student Outcomes

Last year, there were 9 (May 2017) 7 (May 2018) graduates of Wilberforce University’s Rehabilitation Counseling Graduate Program. The pass rate for the Comprehensive Exam in 2017-2018 is 100% and 96% pass rate for the national certification (CRC). Of the admitted students, 96% graduate from the program in the expected time period and 96% of those program graduates were already employed in the field. The other 4% established employment or pursued doctoral degrees.

Academic Year: 2017-2018 Number of Graduates: 16

Completion Rate: 96%* 2017-2018

Comprehensive Exam: 100% Placement: 96%


The Program of Study includes a dynamic preparation for our students. To review examples of the Program of Study please click Graduate Program of Study.

To learn more about the program, please download our Grad Rehab Brochure 2019.

Graduate Handbook

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Graduate Program Comprehensive Assessment Plan

CRC Practicum Internship Manual

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Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling Program Outcomes

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