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Honors Program

Dr. Godfrey Vincent
Director, Honors Program

Wilberforce University Honors Program


The Honors Program is a specially designed academic program for high-achieving students at Wilberforce University.

It is intended to challenge students intellectually and provide them with unique learning opportunities. The Wilberforce University Honors Program will not only provide an opportunity for Wilberforce students to be challenged academically, but it will help our students excel in their studies and demonstrate a high level of academic achievement, critical thinking skills, and dedication to their studies. It will offer unique opportunities for students to engage in research, internships, and other experiential learning opportunities. These experiences can help students develop new skills, build their professional networks, and gain valuable real-world experience.

Honors Program Emphasis

  • Research

  • Digital Design

  • Community Service

  • Entreprenuership

  • Global Experience

Benefits of Wilberforce Students in the Honors Program:

  • Students who successfully complete all requirements of the honors program will graduate with “University Honors,” a classification to be listed in the commencement program and an indication of exceptional academic performance
  • Early registration (honors students can pre-register for classesbefore the regular registration period begins)
  • Honors program apparel, including a Kelly Green blazer with an embroidered patch, a polo shirt with logo, and a long-sleeve t-shirt with logo
  • A custom graduation honors pin.
  • An internal and external mentor to guide academic and professional endeavors
  • Assistance applying for prestigious internships and fellowships
  • Access to Honors sections of courses
  • Opportunities to study abroad


Students interested in joining the Wilberforce University Honors Program can contact the program director.

Dr. Godfrey Vincent
Wilberforce University Honors Program

Current Wilberforce students with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or abovemay apply to the honors program in the fall of their sophomore or junioryear.

Application closes November 1st for Spring Semester and May 1st forFall Semester. Sophomores and Juniors whose academic credentialsare in the top ten percent (10%) of all students will be invited to applyto the honors program annually.

Requirements to Apply & Remain in the Honors Program

  • Maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • Complete at least one of the honors program graduation requirements each academic year
  • Attend campus events, including honors induction ceremony, annual convocations, and complete community service hours each semester
  • Complete an annual assessment survey of the program. Students who do not meet these requirements will be placed on a one-semester probation and will be removed from the honors program if the requirements are not met within the period.

Requirements to Graduate with Honors

  1. Complete the Honors 100 Course – New Honors Student Orientation
    1. credit hour offered in the Fall and Spring Semesters
  2. Take and pass at least one honors seminar at Wilberforce University (counts toward General and Foundational Studies Program)
  3. Complete at least two of the following:
    1. Complete a significant, self-initiated community service project(approved by the honors director)
    2. Take an additional Wilberforce honors seminar, or an honorsseminar at another institution
    3. Complete a summer internship (approved by the honors director)
    4. Study abroad
    5. Complete a summer research experience at another institution other than Wilberforce
  4. Apply for at least one prestigious fellowship (approved by the honors director)
  5. Complete and defend a senior honors research paper or digital project, consisting of at least three credit hours (three semesters) of independent study. At least two credits must be completed by the end of junior year.

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