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General and Foundational Studies Mission

Wilberforce University’s GFS courses are designed to engage students in the learning process while focusing on five student outcomes (communication, problem solving, critical thinking, global perspective, and citizenship), demonstrating specific competencies, and measuring student outcomes performance through continuous assessment. The lasting impact of the College of GFS will be the ability of students to: 1. Take charge of his/her own learning path and academic success, 2. Incorporate acquired skills in his/her major programs, and 3. Strive towards continuous lifelong learning, entrepreneurial goals, and career development.

Course Offerings

The General and Foundational Studies Program offers courses in:

  • global culture
  • global issues
  • African and African-American studies
  • humanistic studies
  • communication
  • literature and language
  • religion
  • ethics
  • social studies
  • mathematics and science
  • personal, social development
  • entrepreneurship

Interdisciplinary course offerings encourage students to study and gain real-world knowledge outside of their major discipline to broaden their personal growth and development. All Wilberforce students, as part of their regular course requirements for a bachelor’s degree, must complete the General and Foundational Studies core requirements earning a grace of “C” or better.

Program Goals

The goals of the Wilberforce University General and Foundational Studies Program are that each student should be able to demonstrate:

  • The ability to communicate effectively through written expression
  • The ability to communicate effectively through oral expression
  • The ability to think critically and logically using analytical rationale
  • Execute the understanding of global issues and expressing them using their own opinions and judgements
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of the practice of religions and Christianity – especially pertaining to the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church and its teachings
  • Recognize and analyze ethical issues and choose appropriate action/reaction to these issues
  • Evaluate how his/her community engagement will be beneficial to his/her community
  • Effectively utilize current technology-based tools, media, applications, and equipment to develop both personally and professionally

First-Year Experience Program

“The First and the Future”



  • Culture
  • Caring
  • Collaboration
  • Completion

Integrated into the General and Foundational Studies Program is the First-Year Experience Program, a student-centered program that includes competency-based courses providing new students with the necessary skills to achieve their educational and career goals. Those skills include:

  • Critical reading and writing; Career readiness; personal and social development and many other skills to help advance and engage the 21st Century learner.
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