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The Early Alert process is driven by faculty members who care about their students and who want to provide every opportunity for their students to succeed. To begin the process, an instructor fills out an Early Alert for a student online. As members of the Faculty you will be allowed to submit reports detailing concerns regarding their students excessive unexplained absences, tardiness, low participation, low test scores, and missing assignments or trouble understanding assignments. The CASSS Staff will maintain a confidential log of the Early Alert, with the student’s ID, the referral source, the name of the person who has agreed to make contact with the student, dates of attempted contact, follow-up information, and comments regarding the well-being of the Alertee. We will also provide due diligence in connecting a student to the appropriate success resources. The team will notify the referrer and/or the student’s faculty advisor when the Early Alert is received as appropriate.

Note to faculty: Students will be notified from whom and why the referral was made on their behalf. Any information you provide may be shared with the student. As such, observations should be objectively stated.

Early Alerts are to be submitted within the first three weeks of the semester in an effort to retain and ensure best practices for Wilberforce Students.

Wilberforce University Reasonable Accommodations Policy and Process

Student Concern Alert Program for Student Success

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