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NAME: Suzanne Coleman Tolbert, BS, BA, MS, CDC
PROGRAM: Organizational Management
HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT CLIMB: Spouse John Tolbert is a Wilberforce graduate, class of 1970.
REASON FOR CHOOSING CLIMB: Convenience, prestige (graduating from an HBCU)
CURRENT PROFESSION: Past President/CEO, Central Ohio Workforce Investment Corp. Currently operates consulting business focusing on Management Solutions.
CLIMB EXPERIENCE: “I started my college career at The Ohio State University. l left after 2 years to marry and raise a family. My father graduated from Hampton University and I always wished I had attended an HBCU to get a more culturally appropriate approach to a college education. I decided to continue my education (and) the CLIMB program fit my needs perfectly. Attending classes taught by people who looked like me (Black & Brown) made all the difference to me. The small classes allowed other students and me to have multiple one-on-one conversations with each other, faculty, advisors, and even with the business department staff. The flexibility of attending classes in the evening and Saturdays was also a plus. I embraced the structure of the CLIMB program and know that it prepared me for my successful experience at Franklin University where I completed another Bachelor’s degree in Business and a Master’s degree in Human Services Management. The program accelerated my career and made me a proud graduate of Wilberforce University. I would recommend the CLIMB program.”
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