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Wilberforce University Speaks Inclusion and Diversity



Creating opportunities in a formal time and space for thought sharing is a consistent goal of Wilberforce University. Each year, the university invites its students, faculty, staff and community to a series of convocations.

Darryl Peal, the Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer (CDO) and Title IX Coordinator at Northern Kentucky University (NKU) near suburban Cincinnati, Ohio was this year’s first keynote speaker in September. Mr. Peal’s work integrates the principles of diversity and inclusion to drive the foundation of workplace equity. He and his team ensure that NKU’s hiring policies maintain high levels of organizational impact that foster inclusion and belonging. Integrating an organization’s strong policies of diversity and inclusion can create meaningful change and a diverse environment brings different ideas that mirror the actual world in which we live.

Guest speakers also included Alexander Murphy, WU’s SGA president, Lennoja Hawkins, the WU UNCF representative, Honesty Lyon, Miss WU and Zion Justice, Mr. WU.

Prior to joining NKU, Mr. Peal served as Managing Director of External Engagement and Strategic Partnerships for the NCAA. It was his responsibility to drive the inclusion and human resources’ vision and strategic initiatives through engagements and partnerships with the membership, sponsors and external stakeholders.

Mr. Peal’s history with higher education begins with Wilberforce where he served as the Director of Residence Life, Chief Judicial Officer, and Director of Counseling Services. His career that spans more than twenty years with varied roles in higher ed also includes the University of Minnesota, Ohio Wesleyan University, Otterbein University, Central State University and Ohio University.

He has earned a Master of Social Sciences degree from Ohio University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Print and Broadcast Journalism and Black World Studies from Ohio Wesleyan University. As a consummate student, Mr. Peal is pursuing his Doctor of Ministry with a concentration on Social Justice at Payne Theological Seminary in Wilberforce, Ohio.





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