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Last NameFirst NameNumberTitleEmail Address
AnyalewechiPatrick(937) 708-5677Associate Professor of
BalasabrainumThuvaraki(937) 502-3777Assistant Professor of
BarnesRoosevelt(937) 376-2911 Head Baseball
BeyShakira937-502-3702Financial Aid
BoutonBrian(937) 708-5755Physical Plant
BrewerMichel(937) 502-3505Purchasing
BuffingerDelbert R.(937) 708-5639Professor of
BurrellJames(937) 502-3731University Bookstor Manager and Director of Internal Recruitment
ChoiJeff (937) 708-5651Chief Information
ColemanShantell(937) 708-5751Financial Aid
ColemanStacey(937)708-5617Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of
ComerTodd(937) 502-3540Associate Professor of
CollinsKimberly(937) 706-5508Director for the Center for Academic Support and Student
CopeCarla(937) 708-5710Database Specialist Office of Institutional
CrossJon(937) 708-5254Chief of
DavisChanninRecruiter for Graduate, Adult, and Continuing
DavisCorayTenure- Track Professor of
DiggsRonald (937) 708-5503Admissions
EdwardsAshley(937) 708-5406Director of Risk & Benefit
El SharifRamadan(937) 708-5251Assistant Professor
EvansKeigan (937) 708-5544Director of Housing & Residence
FreemanJohn(937) 708-5611Dean of Religious Life and Community Outreach/Senior
FryeKevin(937) 708-5628Director of Plant
GaddMarilyn(937) 502-3425Director of Alumni
GarrettLionel (937) 502-3540Assistant Basketball
GomezAnita(937) 708-5798Vice President for Administration and Human
GoodwinQuanteria(937) 502-3636Graduate Coordinator, Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling
GoodwineVirgil(937) 367-1486Director of Instrumental Music and
GriffinStephen(937) 708-5505Special Assistant to the President for Academic Programs and Strategic
Harris, Jr.KeithAdministrative Coordinator for Institutional Advancement
HeathWebster(937)502-3795Tenure-track Assistant Professor of English/
HigdonDon (937) 502-3617Lead IT
Honore'Linda(937) 708-5520HR
HutchinsMoneishaResident Success
Inniss, Jr.Cadmus(937) 502-3814Success Coach/Academic
JacksonEric(937) 708-5496Interim Vice President of Student
JonesKenneth(937) 502-3878Executive Vice President & Chief of
JonsonSammie(937) 708-5724Director of Library
KahindoJacques(937) 708-5645Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of Political
LewisAmani(937) 971-4042
MenziseJeffTenured Professor of
MillerSteve(937) 502-3715Vice President of
MitchellMark(937) 708-5416Head Men’s Basketball
MooreNathaniel(937) 502-3747System Network
MoraleMary(937) 708-5546Vice President for Business and
MoranMeagan(937) 708-5785Payroll
MozuFrancis (937) 708-5678Tenure Track Associate Professor of Management and Quantitative Business
NakizitoMary(937) 502-3681Associate Professor of Literacy, Writing and Language
NamDeok(937) 708-5624Professor of Computer
NewkirkVann(937) 708-5604President of Wilberforce
Ostergren-ClarkKirsten(937) 971-4047Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of Sociology and Social
OwensBrandon(937) 502-3782Provost & Vice President Academic
PalmerDonna (937) 502-3588Campus Security
PrestonKaren(937) 502-3665Coordinator for
PrestonRobert(937) 708-5255Public Safety Liaison
ReedJocelyn(937) 708-5707Director of Talent/Recruitment and
RichardsonCarol(937) 708-5736Secretary III -
SaltersEricAssistant Men's Basketball
SelfMichael(937) 971-4048Associate Provost for Academic
SewellAnthony(937) 701-6568Assistant Professor of
SextonRicDirector of Student
SmithMichelle(937) 708-5715Mailroom and Publications
StewartHerb(937) 708-5448Instructor of Computing
TellisJonas(937) 708-5648Vice President of Enrollment
ToosonJohn(937) 708-5625Dean of Graduate
VincentGodfrey(937) 708-5646Tenure-Track Associate Professor of History/Directors of the Honor's
WalkerTyrusAssistant Band
WareSonyaTenure Track Associate Professor of the College of Graduate, Adult and Continuing
WareWilliam (937) 502-3537Head Golf
WashingtonOcean937-708-5325Administrative Assistant, Student
WrightDelores(937) 708-5723Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation and
YangMoonsun(937) 502-3313Assistant Professor of

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