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From the Desk of President Elfred Anthony Pinkard

When the Founders of Wilberforce University defiantly and boldly declared their intention to build a university that would endure, they did so against the backdrop of American slavery and a prevailing belief that they were an incapable people. They did build their university and despite formidable challenges, that university, Wilberforce University, has existed and endured for 163 years because we are a possible people.
Today, as a University community, we have set an ambitious but attainable goal of raising $2 million dollars by June 30, 2019.  Just as our Founders faced the impossibility of building a university for African Americans at a time when most African Americans were enslaved, and Daniel Payne faced the embers of his fire-destroyed campus and prevailed, we too can find the possible in our collective intention to assure a strong and vital future for our beloved Wilberforce.
The evidence of what is possible is already apparent. In less than a week, we have raised over $13, 000 dollars, on-line; (, toward our $2million dollar goal. That is an impressive beginning, but we cannot and must not rest now, our Founders never did. We need only keep the momentum going and demonstrate to the ourselves and the world that the Wilberforce University family can make possible what many might think impossible.
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