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At Wilberforce University we take seriously the expressed concerns of all members of the University community, especially our students. We encourage our students to use their voices to bring their concerns to the attention of the University’s leadership. We have heard their concerns. We will use this as an opportunity for both students and the University’s leadership to work together to collectively build a better Wilberforce, assure an outstanding student learning, living and campus engagement experience and commit to open communication in an environment of mutual respect and cooperation. 

To that end, please note the following:  

Prior to the winter season, the University’s Facility team took the following preventive maintenance measures to assure proper heating throughout the campus: 

  • All boilers on campus were inspected and passed by the state of Ohio Department of Commerce on December 3, 2018 except for the four residence halls that are currently off-line (unoccupied).  
  • The University replaced key parts to boilers in the King-Stokes-Walker building in the month of December which allows for all three boilers to be in use for the winter season.   
  • The University repaired roof leaks prior to January 2019.  All classroom room roof leaks were repaired in November 2018.  There were not any roof leaks in the residence halls.  Any roof leaks that have developed after this assessment are being repaired as the weather permits. 
  • The University replaced the igniters in the dual boilers systems that service Allen Commons and the Cafeteria at the beginning of January 2019 to assure that the boilers are operating efficiently. 
  • The Center for Co-Operative Education had new thermostats installed on baseboard heaters to assure that the area has heat. 
  • The residence halls both have units that heat the common areas, hallways, and office areas.  They were serviced in December 2018. 
  • On January 22, 2019, the Facilities team used equipment to check temperatures throughout campus in each individual classroom and building. The University goal is to keep heat in the range of 69-72 degrees. 
  • The Average temperature was 70 degrees in all buildings. 
  • The lowest temperature reading was 68 degrees and those areas were adjusted. 
  • Given the extreme weather conditions we are adjusting the building to 71-72 degrees.  
  • The Facilities team will take heat readings once a week until spring for all classrooms and common areas in buildings.  We will also use them when we receive work orders for areas of heat concern. 
  • On Monday, February 4, 2019, Apex mechanical will be on campus to access all perimeters heating, all hot deck heating, and all air handlers heating on campus to make sure all areas are receiving proper heating.  They are bringing a design expert and a boiler technician to make sure the heat is flowing to all areas.  
  • All building filters will be replaced at the end of February 2019 for all building units and student dormitory common area units. 
  • The Facilities team is working with third party vendors to make sure the cafeteria equipment is operating properly. 
  • The University is installing water softeners in the residence hall during the month of February 2019. 
  • The Facilities team has staff working hours on the weekend to address any student heat related issues. 
  • On the evening of Wednesday, January 23, 2019, Henderson Hall, the men’s residence hall experienced significant water damage as a result of a burst water pipe. Students were immediately relocated to the Ramada Inn, located in downtown Xenia. The University employed ServePro Restoration Services to assess the damage. They have begun the process of remediation and drying out. The University has received two bids from companies to do the required repair and renovation to bring Henderson Hall back on line.  
  • The Ramada Inn, where 103 male Wilberforce University students and two professional staff members are currently housed must adhere to the rules of the state of Ohio regarding the easy and unencumbered entering and exiting the building. It would be a significant violation to restrict students or guests or lock them in the building without the ability to exit. 
  • LLC, the residence hall for women students is a living community that is suite-styled living. The common areas are serviced by central heat and air. To date, there has been no reports of outages in the LLC common areas. Each room has their own heating and cooling unit. Students are asked to report through our online residence hall work order process any concerns in their rooms.  During the winter break, reach room is assessed to determine the condition of the heating unit. Community Assistants regularly engage student residents through the regular room check process. Additionally, the Community Assistants (CA) conduct a door-to-door check asking students the status of their heating units.  
  • On Wednesday January 23, 2019, Wilberforce University’s domain controller experienced a critical failure which resulted in domain wide loss of connectivity, making specific users (faculty and staff) unable to log into their computers. The University domain controller is the backbone of our network hosting all network connections; therefore, it interrupted the University Wi-Fi, telephones, and user files.  At this time the internet traffic has been rerouted for the Wi-Fi around the domain controller which allowed devices to be connected to the Wi-Fi.  The Wi-Fi is now stable and able to be utilized.  
  • Presently, the IT team is adding all the users (faculty and staff) to the new active directory and must add every machine (faculty and staff) to this as well. This is time consuming because they must be done one at a time. Also, a completely new Group Policy is needed for PC management and is being developed. 
  • The IT Team was able to reduce the time it takes to build a domain server and they were able to rebuild the domain controller in addition to a backup.  These machines are both virtual machines for better viability in case of another failure in future for a quicker response. The IT team expects to be finished with all work by February 15th.   
  • We recognize that some students in off-campus housing have experienced WIFI connection problems.  The IT team has been working to provide WIFI in those off-campus apartments. 
  • The University has been in negotiation with several a printer /copier repair companies. One has been selected and will be at the University next week to assess, repair or replace the current equipment on campus.  We will review their assessment and look to replace key copier/ printers located throughout the campus.   

To continue the dialogue, an All University Town Hall meeting has been scheduled for Friday, February 1, 2019 at 4:00pm (EST) in the Alumni Multiplex. All members of the Wilberforce University community are invited and encouraged to attend. We look forward to a productive meeting. 

Since 1856, Wilberforce University has existed as a living example of what is possible against formidable odds. Our institutional narrative provides a model of resilience and accomplishment that we should always remember. Together, we can assure a vibrant, sustainable Wilberforce well into the 21st century. We are Wilberforce. 


Elfred Anthony Pinkard 

22nd President 

Wilberforce University 



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