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From the Desk of President Elfred Anthony Pinkard

We buy what we value. Even during those times when our resources are meager, we find a way to buy what we want. We cherish what we respect, we guard, protect and defend those people, places and things that give our lives love, meaning and purpose. We make important decisions about our lives based on how we spend our money and distribute our resources.

The Wilberforce Unite Campaign ( is about much more than giving to Wilberforce University. To be sure, that is an important and essential goal, but there are other considerations. We have the capacity to build a first-rate Wilberforce University with an uncompromising commitment to excellence, high performance and innovation. We need only look back at Wilberforce’s history and the accomplishments of past Wilberforceans to look forward and imagine a future that is formidable and possible. We have but two choices; we can allow the naysayers to spew their negativity about what we cannot do, or we can collectively commit to facing our challenges together with determination and certainty and show the world what we can do. We are Wilberforce!


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