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Wilberforce University and Central State University are pleased to announce they are currently in discussion regarding a collaborative learning arrangement and shared services relationship. Both Universities will continue providing a dynamic learning environment and experience for both student populations and see this opportunity as an innovative approach for delivering services, increased operational efficiency and effectiveness and fiscal support to both campus communities. Currently our institutions have begun exploring opportunities for shared services in the areas of Information Technology (IT), Academic Offerings, Library Services, University Housing,and Food Services.


A shared services relationship, as defined by The Higher Learning Commission is described as “a type of arrangement, typically governed by an agreement or contract, that seeks to shift certain operating functions and/or services of an institution of higher education, to another entity. That other entity may be a corporation legally affiliated with, or related to, the accredited institution, or the entity may be independent. A shared services arrangement, in certain instances, may be considered a form of outsourcing and need not be reciprocal. Shared services relationships may occur through a variety of different arrangements.”

Central State University and Wilberforce University have shared histories and distinct institutional cultures that inform the potential of success of this experience. Central State University and Wilberforce University students will continue to engage on their respective campuses but can look forward to shared and dynamic learning and student engagement experiences. As Central State University and Wilberforce University continue to develop this exciting model of collaboration and shared services, our first learning collaborative effort in this evolving model will begin with a residential experience on the campus of Central State University for a limited number of Wilberforce University students. The residents of this living and learning community will have access to a wide range of activities and co-working spaces.

Both Central State University and Wilberforce University are excited to initiate this new mode of operational efficiency and enriched student experience for our campus communities. Our campuses will continue to work together and look forward to both campus communities supporting this innovation in every way possible. We look forward to continuing meaningful interactions between these two iconic universities!

We will communicate more details as they unfold. On and Upward CSU and WU!

Media Contact:

NaAsiaha Simon, Director of Public Relations and Marketing



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