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On behalf of the Wilberforce University family, allow me to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation to the 445 individuals and organizations that contributed to the Wilberforce Unite 90-day campaign challenge.

We have demonstrated what can happen when people and organizations of goodwill who care deeply about our beloved Wilberforce are asked to give. The work of supporting Wilberforce University has just begun as we prepare to continue our fundraising efforts to achieving the campaign goal of $5M by December 31st.

The very future of Wilberforce is dependent on our resolve, determination and ability to take full responsibility for this institution that has meant so much in our lives and continues to be a place of possibility for many.

The world is watching to witness what we will do to change the narrative and the trajectory of Wilberforce by raising the funds required to sustain her and give her the pathway to soar.

Just as our founder’s boldly and defiantly demonstrated what a determined people could accomplish in 1856; let us, in 2019 continue the legacy of boldness and defiance in the face of our present challenges and declare a bright future for a strong Wilberforce.

We are Wilberforce Strong.

Suo Marte.

Elfred Anthony Pinkard

22nd President

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