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Dear Members of the Wilberforce University Community:

On June 11, 2019, Wilberforce University announced that we were in discussions with Central State University to develop a Shared Services Agreement.

The purpose of the Shared Services Agreement is to provide an enhanced living and learning experience for our students and examine and pursue opportunities to save money and cut cost in key areas of institutional operations  We are pleased with the progress which has occurred over the past weeks.

In the first phase of the Shared Services Agreement, we will share both housing and dining services with Central State University. What this means is that a group of Wilberforce University students will reside in a residence hall on the campus of Central State University and that both Wilberforce University and Central State University students will share the same dining and food services. In our ongoing discussions, we are earnestly pursuing shared services in other institutional operations, as well.

We acknowledge that this is a new way of doing business and with change comes a level of anxiety and resistance. However, I want to emphatically assure the Wilberforce University Community, especially our students, that this shared services engagement will significantly enhance the student experience and further position Wilberforce University to be a fiscally stronger university. I also want to acknowledge that we are resolute in preserving the proud legacy, history and identify of Wilberforce University and that this is a partnership of institutional equals.

I am committed to keeping the University community fully informed with specific information on how the shared services engagement is evolving. What I would ask in return of our, students, faculty and staff is a commitment to making this shared services engagement with our sister institution, Central State University, a success by remembering kindness, excellence and innovation as core values that define Wilberforce University and all those associated with this remarkable institution.

We are Wilberforce Strong.

Suo Marte,


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