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  • The newsletter will be sent to current students, staff, and faculty every first of the month and will include information of the previous month following (example: e-news sent on Monday, October 2 will cover the weeks of September 1-30).
  • The submission deadline for content to be included in the upcoming newsletter will be the Monday prior to each newsletter  release date.  Content should be submitted via the Institutional Advancement newsletter submission request web form below.
  • Content submitted for the newsletter should be no longer than 150 characters (including spaces) and include at least one hyperlink.
  • Information included in the newsletter should pertain to the advancement of Wilberforce University.
  • Requests for the advertising of ongoing events will be approved for a period of two consecutive issues (just in time, just enough).
  • All content will be reviewed for newsletter consideration. There is no guarantee your content will be published.

Fall 2017 publication dates:

  • Monday, October 2  (for the weeks of September 1-30)
  • Wednesday, November 1 (for the weeks of October  1-31)
  • Friday, December 1 (for the weeks of November 1-30)

Spring 2018 publication dates:

  • Monday, January 15 (for the weeks December 1-31)
  • Thursday, February 1 (for the weeks of January 1 -31)
  • Thursday, March 1 (for the weeks of February  1-28)
  • Sunday, April 2 (for the weeks of March 1-31)
  • Monday, May 1 (for the weeks of April 1-30)

If you have questions or comments about the University’s Newsletter, please contact Marsha Bonhart

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