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Medical History Form 

                                                                                       Sports Physical Form 

                                                                                       Immunization Form

Send the forms to:

Wilberforce University
Student Health Services
1055 N. Bickett Road P.O. Box 1001
Wilberforce, OH 45384

Phone: (937)708-5617
Fax Number: (740) 201-6942

Wilberforce Health and Counseling Services is located in The Alumni Multiplex.
Health Services currently includes health education, referrals, and support.

Walk-ins are welcome
9:00 AM – 6PM

Students can access Counseling Services through the Get Help Platform:

How to access the platform? 

To access the platform, go to   

  • Your ID is your school email address 
  • Your password is the one you create

It is our goal to serve students so that they may be successful in their academic and social experiences.

Health and counseling services are provided at no additional charge to enrolled students.  Services are provided on the basis of self-referrals or in collaboration with faculty, staff, or other professionals. Services are confidential. Counseling service is confidential. We cannot share with anyone, inside or outside of the College, that the student is receiving services unless the student signs a specific release of information authorizing us to do so. 

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