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Division of Student Engagement and Success

Keigan Evans
Director of Housing & Residence Life


We welcome you to the Wilberforce University Living and Learning Community!

Wilberforce University recognizes residence hall living and off campus housing can help create a great college experience, and we look forward to committing that opportunity to our students.  Along with our academic mission, we hope to bring students back to these distinct symbols of college life. Until then, we will continue monitoring information from public health officials, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as they keep us updated on the spread of COVID-19.


Living Communities

Students have options for living and learning at Wilberforce University. Students can live in residences like Henderson Hall (picture on left) and the Living Learning Community – LLC( picture on right). Or they can choose our temporary off-campus housing (due to current residence hall renovations).

Students live in suite-style rooms and have access to lobby areas, Internet access, and on-site laundry facilities. Henderson Hall is usually reserved for men and LLC is usually reserved for women.

To request and ensure housing, please submit your Housing Application by
July 1 for the Fall semester
December 18 for the Spring Semester, and
May 1 for Summer Semester (if applicable).

Other requests will be accommodated as housing is available.

Please note: All First-Year Students are required to live on campus.

Living in the Residence Halls

Living together in a community is a unique opportunity. We recognize students come to Wilberforce with many different experiences and expectations. To create common ground for all student residents, we expect them to embrace and abide by guidelines for living in the residence halls. Students can find the guidelines in the Welcome to the Neighborhood Guide.

Students are responsible for their items and living space in university-sponsored housing. We encourage students to purchase renter’s insurance to cover items that may be lost or stolen.

We also reserve the right to remove students from University-sponsored housing upon the discretion of University staff, violations of the code of conduct, residence hall policies, and/or safety concerns. Students who are removed will be provided with 48-hour notice to vacate the premises and will continue to be charged for housing and any fines they have incurred.

Students must adhere to expectations set forth by the Honor Code and Student Code of Conduct.

Choosing to Live Off Campus

Wilberforce University is a residential campus. We believe that students are best served when they learn and live together.

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