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From the Desk of President Elfred Anthony Pinkard

September 22, 2020

Sometimes, a President and the leadership team must make tough and unpopular decisions that impact the lives of the individuals for whom we have responsibility. Recently, a decision was
made to cancel the athletic season. The decision was reached after much discussion and deliberation and was directly influenced by the circumstances surrounding the current COVID19 pandemic. This was the best and correct decision as we considered the health, safety and well-being of the entire University community.

Unfortunately, our student-athletes were disproportionately impacted by this decision and for that we are all very sorry. Our student-athletes are important and valuable members of the University community and we fully support them in the pursuit of their academic and athletic pursuits. Our student-athletes have represented Wilberforce well and we are immensely proud
of their athletic accomplishments. We appreciate, value and cherish every student-athlete enrolled at Wilberforce University and have their best interest at the center of every decision
regarding athletics. There is, however, a deadly virus that has impacted the entire world and the leadership of Wilberforce University has a responsibility to the entire campus community.

The COVID-19 pandemic will pass, and we look forward to a return to a new normal. We are looking forward to the 21-22 athletic season and we have welcomed a new Basketball coach.
We are also using this time to evaluate adding additional sports offerings at the University.

There are times in all our lives when decisions are made that impact us that are uncomfortable, unpleasant and unwanted; that is the reality of being an adult and living in the world. We all
can use this time to be stronger, smarter, and more focused as student-athletes, faculty and staff members and administrators.

Let us remember that we are all one Wilberforce and we are in this together. Let us also focus on what we can do to be better human beings during and beyond COVID-19. This is our time to
be united and work together against the global pandemic.

Suo Marte

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