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Another distinction of excellence for Wilberforce University.  A recent announcement heralds the school’s designation as the 40th best healthcare administration degree program in the nation.

University Headquarters (HQ), a student resource guide, recently released its list of best value healthcare administration programs and Wilberforce is listed ahead of larger schools such as Tulane University and the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV). Wilberforce also achieves this honor as one of four colleges in Ohio selected in the top 55 positions as the best in this category.

“This ranking recognizes the hard work and commitment of our faculty in that program. Our small, hands on, family environment class work, gives students the motivation to make this area of study a highly sought curriculum at Wilberforce.”  – Dr. Edward Hill, VP, Academic Affairs, Strategic Initiatives –

This acknowledgement is particularly special for Wilberforce student Mancell Lyttle. The senior from Detroit, Michigan will receive his bachelor of science degree in health services administration in December of this year.

“Since I have been here at Wilberforce University, I have seen more and more students enter this major.” – Mancell Lyttle, Wilberforce University, Class of 2020-

  • Once you have graduated from Wilberforce with a B. S. degree in health services administration, you will have:
  • Demonstrated an understanding of the nation’s health care system
  • Learned to apply best practice and business theories to the management of a health care organization
  • Developed quantitative analysis and technological skills to synthesize and analyze information.

According to the school’s website, all of these executions will allow you to produce clearly written, concise business analyses and reports, design and deliver clear, well organized, persuasive oral presentations and demonstrate career readiness skills that will make a smooth transition into the work force or graduate program.  Mancell Lyttle says, he’s ready.

“When I get that degree, I know it will pay off. I’ve gained the knowledge, and my internships have given me the experience. I won’t just get a degree and not know how to use it.”

Dr. Anuradha Venkateswaran is the dean of the college of professional studies at Wilberforce. She says this ”best of” designation not only creates greater enthusiasm to promote enrollment for the university, it further encourages students already enrolled  in the school’s health services administration program. “It’s going to point out a program with such high regard presents great career prospects.”

To say there is great demand for healthcare jobs is an understatement. According to the U. S Bureau of Labor statistics, healthcare will be the fastest growing employment trend between the years 2014 and 2024. Wilberforce University’s premier, 4 year curriculum has already addressed that movement by preparing students for these related healthcare careers. It’s what Mancell Lyttle already knows. He will return to Wilberforce after his December, 2020 graduation to pursue a master’s degree in clinical rehabilitation counseling.

“I’m very confident I will find work.”

University Headquarters (HQ) is a new student resource website that helps college bound students narrow their decisions about fields of study.




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