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Multimedia projects created through Wilberforce University are intended to be a positive representation to a variety of constituencies and stakeholders for the University, including: prospective students and their families, current students and their families, faculty, staff, alumni, members of the news media, and the general public. The Wilberforce University Graphic Multimedia Policies and Procedures explain the full details of project requests.

Project requests can be accepted or rejected at the discretion of the designers based upon factors such as scheduling, content, information submitted (submission forms) and other factors. Submitting parties will be notified of the status of their project including acceptance or rejection via the contact information provided.

Projects submitted with less than the aforementioned time available will be considered at the sole discretion of the assigned designer, with no guarantee of acceptance. Items submitted with more than the aforementioned time stand a greater chance of acceptance. After the acceptance of a project, the designer will schedule a meeting to further discuss the project and develop a strategy for implementation. Project completion date/turn-around time will be discussed during the consultation however, expect a minimum of 72 hours from consultation to final product delivery. Exceptions to this time-frame will be determined on a strict case by case basis.

Please note that submitting this form does not automatically guarantee that your request can be fulfilled. Your request will be evaluated by the Office of Institutional Advancement, and a project manager will contact you to confirm the scope and timing of the project.

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