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From the Desk of President Elfred Anthony Pinkard 


Wilberforce University: The First and The Future-Rebound to the Fall 

2021 Reopening Plans 


Fourteen months ago, the Wilberforce University community faced the frightening reality of a global pandemic. Like the rest of the world, we adjusted our lives to a new normal under the guidance of the public health community. We pivoted to a teaching and learning platform, modified University operations, used our common sense and followed established safety protocols and prepared ourselves to respond to this unprecedented occurrence. 

While this pandemic is clearly still present, the progress that has been made has allowed a gradual reopening and disciplined return to some degree of normalcy. Although we fully understand that our lives will be forever changed by the experience of living through a pandemic, the insights and lessons learned can be valuable to keeping us safe as we begin our rebound. 

After careful and thoughtful consideration of the most available information and recommendations from the public health community we have made the decision to reopen the University for face-to-face teaching and learning and University operations beginning fall 2021. We recognize that not every student will be prepared to return in a face-to-face environment, and we will provide virtual options for those students.   

We are approaching the reopening of the University cautiously and conservatively. Therefore initially, the University will maintain all of the safety protocols and guidelines that were enacted at the onset of the pandemic. As information is ever-changing, we will continue to make decisions regarding the safety and security of the campus community based on the latest scientific and public health information. 

The effectiveness of vaccinations in protecting individuals and protecting against community spread is being supported by the prevailing data from the public health community. We view being vaccinated as one more available option to individuals for keeping themselves and the communities to which they belong safe. It is our intention to maintain a safe, secure, and clean campus environment for our students, faculty, and staff. To that end, with full recognition that deciding to be vaccinated is a very personal decision, we are strongly encouraging students, faculty and staff be vaccinated. 

For students, faculty and staff who return to the University without having been vaccinated and may wish to be, we are exploring the possibility of having a Vaccination Clinic on campus for the University community in the fall. More details will be forthcoming as we are able to finalize those plans. 

We are excited to welcome new and returning students back to campus and a return to the rhythm of University life that is the hallmark of the collegiate experience. We remain committed to providing a safe and secure environment for every member of the Wilberforce University community and we must each commit to responsible behavior to keep ourselves and our community safe.  

We are Wilberforce University: The First and The Future. 

Suo Marte 





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