Over the past18 months, the University has adopted a rigorous and disciplined plan and practice for addressing the fiscal and operational imbalances that have existed for over a decade. The recent decision of our accrediting body, HLC, to change the University’s status from Accredited to Accredited-On Probation, while disappointing, was not completely unexpected.  The University was placed on probation because HLC determined that it was out of compliance with the Criteria for Accreditation. The findings were the result of a required Focused Visit which occurred in October 2017. The Accredited-On Probation status is for a period of two years during which time the University will develop a plan to address the findings outlined by HLC.  The University will submit an Interim Report no later than October 2018 and host a comprehensive evaluation no later than December 2019 to determine our progress in correcting the findings that resulted in the status change. The HLC Board will reconsider the probation status of the University in June 2020.

This decision will serve as an additional impetus to continue the work already begun in right sizing Wilberforce University and permanently establishing best practices in fiscal management and controls, financial stewardship, operational efficiency, institutional effectiveness, enrollment management and fundraising.

It is equally important to note that our academic programs were not cited by HLC and will continue to be a focus for strategic thinking, planning and innovation.

In the meantime, Wilberforce University is accredited and actively engaged in earnest institutional transformation and renewal. The Wilberforce Renaissance: Re-Claiming Institutional Prominence remains our NorthStar and guiding theme.

Full disclosure regarding the change in status and frequently asked questions may be found on the following link….

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