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Wilberforce University is dedicated to resolving all student complaints in a fair and timely manner. Complaints that cannot be resolved by working with the relevant office or department should be addressed in writing to

Please be sure to include:

  1. Your name and student # ID
  2. Your email address or other preferred contact method
  3. A description of the circumstances and the steps taken to resolve the issue with the relevant office or department.


Wilberforce University student complaint process

Wilberforce University provides students with various options for filing complaints and grievances, depending on the nature of the issue and the student’s level of involvement.

In the academic context, undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to address any disputes or grievances by first discussing them with the relevant individuals, such as the course instructor. If a satisfactory resolution is not reached, the student is advised to escalate the matter to the Provost and then the University.

If the complaint remains unresolved, students are encouraged to file a formal grievance with the Academic Affairs.

Wilberforce University must ensure that it handles students’ concerns, complaints, and grievances in a fair and timely manner.

Channels for filing complaints and grievances are available, including:

1. Student Engagement: The Student Engagement’s Center for Academic Support and Student Success is dedicated to assisting students in navigating Wilberforce University’s structure and resolving issues they encounter at the university. Their goal is to empower students to overcome obstacles and enhance their educational experience, preparing them for both the university community and life beyond college. Students may contact

2. Human Resources: Students can file complaints against any staff or faculty member with the Office of Human Resources. Complaints typically involve matters such as sexual misconduct or discrimination and are investigated in accordance with Human Resources policies and procedures.

3. Office of University Compliance and Integrity and Anonymous Reporting Line: Students can report complaints involving other students, faculty, or staff to the Office of University Compliance and Integrity. The office houses dedicated compliance investigators and oversees the university’s investigative infrastructure. It coordinates with various units, including Student Conduct, Human Resources, Internal Audit, Legal Affairs, Office of Institutional Equity, Academic Affairs, Police, and compliance teams in Athletics, Information Security, the Medical Center, and Research Compliance. The office also manages the university’s anonymous reporting hotline called EthicsPoint and ensures that student complaints made through that channel are addressed by the appropriate unit based on the nature of the allegation.

4. Office of the Bursar: For complaints regarding financial accounts, students can contact the Office of the University Bursar. Additionally, for complaints about private student loans and servicers of federal student loans, students may reach out to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

5. Online learning complaints: If a student has a complaint related to consumer protection laws covered by the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA), they should first file the complaint with Wilberforce University for resolution. If the issue remains unresolved, the student can then contact the SARA Portal Entity here.

These various avenues are in place to ensure that students have accessible and appropriate means to address their concerns and seek resolutions within the Wilberforce University Community.

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