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Welcome to Wilberforce University’s Student Government Association Page! Our SGA is a student governing body that represents the student body at various institutional levels. The SGA gathers information about the needs and concerns of students and works with campus administration to create solutions to these concerns.

We work to serve the interests of the student body and to promote the general welfare of the student body. As the elected representative of the Student Body, Student Government Association shall:

  • Actively seek and resolve student concerns;
  • Promote a greater degree of unity, respect, spirit, and cooperation among students, faculty, staff and administration.
  • Offer and oversee activities for furthering the academic, social, and spiritual growth of the student body.
  • Provide a democratic and representative forum through which students may address school-related issues affecting the student body.
  • Promote school spirit and unity by sponsoring a variety of social events.
  • Work in conjunction with the Division of S.E.E.S. concerning all matters of student organizations, events, and the establishment of an activities calendar for each academic year.

Contact the Wilberforce University Student Government Association
Office: Allen Commons, Student Union
Instagram: wilberforce_sga

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