Wells Fargo Company offers a wide range of internships and development programs for undergraduates and post-graduates to prepare for rewarding and successful career.  Wilberforce University Senior Accounting major Kayla Johnson was one of the interns, and below she discusses her experience! 

1) Where did you intern this summer?

I interned at Wells Fargo in Santa Monica, California out of their Capital Finance office .

2) What did you learn from your experience?

I learned Credit Fundamentals and was taught the fundamentals of Asset-based lending. As a Summer Financial Analyst, I worked with the other analysts on my team to provide funding for companies that were in need of additional Capital. Overall, it was a tremendous learning experience and it gave me the opportunity to work in a corporate environment !

3) How will you utilize your summer opportunity for future endeavors?

Working at Wells Fargo gave me a clear understanding of how accounting applies to the banking world. I was able to tighten up my accounting fundamentals. I also had the opportunity to network across the board while being exposed to some inspirational people!

4) What would you like to share with your classmates if they are interested in obtaining an opportunity like yours?

Banks like Wells Fargo, Bank of America and JP Morgan offer conferences each year that you can apply to attend on their respective company websites. Research conferences to attend that pertain to your major and put forth the effort to be there. Be persistent, apply, and network .

5) How will you utilize the support of the Career Service Department this school year in order to advance your career opportunities?

I will utilize the Career Services Department this school year to help facilitate skills that will prepare me for life after college .


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