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Alexander Murphy
C/O ’24, Poli Sci
The Wilberforce University Campus Greets Students to the Spring Semester 
Classes Begin, Monday, Feb 1st.
The spring semester at Wilberforce University signals an approaching commencement and the full return to campus. Last year, life and academics on campus were modified because of the coronavirus pandemic, and classes were finished virtually, with that mode of teaching and learning continuing through the fall. Now, the spring schedule offers a hybrid option to teach and learn either on campus or virtually. Students who are returning to campus will be tested for COVID 19 exposure at the university’s on site, pop up testing center.
Alexander Murphy, a freshman from suburban Detroit, will be on his own for the first time.  After taking his COVID test, Friday, January 29th, and formally registering, he and his father, Alexander, Sr., moved his belongings to his room at Henderson Hall.
Even though he has finished his first semester virtually, moving to his dorm will be a fresh, new, college experience.
“I’m excited, but nervous about being away from home. Of course, I wish I could have gotten to campus in the fall, but scheduling all virtual learning then was better than people getting here and then possibly having to pack up and be sent back home.”  – Alexander Murphy, WU freshman
The university is also recommending  COVID 19 testing for staff and faculty, providing monthly opportunities throughout the semester on campus. Each week, COVID-19 testing and safety protocols data and learning resources will be released.
“I am comfortable with the university protocols set to control the coronavirus. The university has been sending emails and I keep up with the school’s website. We can create our own bubble.”
For full COVID 19 campus protocols, visit
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