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The new academic year has arrived and so have new and returning students, escorted by their parents. The Alumni Multiplex is buzzing with excitement and the rigors of COVID testing, orientation, and class registration.  For some parents and students, it’s the first time they will be separated.

Jermaine L. Burns is a May 2021 CLIMB graduate who, during the commencement, heard the provost, Dr. J. D. Jones ask grads to recruit two students. Burns heeded the call and enrolled his nephew and his daughter Jashanti L. Burns.

“After going through the CLIMB experience at Wilberforce,  I felt I could trust WU with my daughter,” said the proud father of two daughters. Jashanti is a freshman sociology major from Trotwood, Ohio who says she feels comfortable leaving home for the first time. ” I think it was a good decision, I really like the school. It’s a small campus. I think I fit perfectly here.”

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