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Over the past few years, Wilberforce University has celebrated the global generosity event Giving Tuesday by raising funds to provide academic and economic opportunities for our Students of Promise.  When some of our students have struggled to pay for tuition, books, and fees, or daily living expenses, Giving Tuesday donations from our campus community, alumni, and friends of the university have supported them in reaching their full potential.  Recently, we have all struggled with adapting to life during the COVID pandemicSo, this year, we decided to have a little fun and we want to include you!  

Beginning November 30th, we invite you to experience Giving Tuesday with “Walk for WU”. It’s a great way to make your end of the year Giving Tuesday donation, and we have made it fun and easy. 

This year’s Giving Tuesday Virtual 5K Walk for WU begins Tuesday,  November 30th, and ends December 31st – 

“This is a perfect time for end of the year fundraising and a perfect time to grab friends, family, pets, and neighbors, and get a little fresh air, or virtually, from the comfort of your surroundings,” said Wilberforce University VP Natalie Coles.

You can begin your walk anywhere – your neighborhood, your favorite gym, or a formal track.  And, just in case you are challenged by weather or time, grab your computer, cell phone, or tablet and “walk” with us electronically.  

The following link has details. Join us, beginning Tuesday, November 30th until December 31st, and be certain to tag your social media posts with #Walk4WU.

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