Wilberforce University has been ranked among the 50 best value historically black graduate schools and the 50 most affordable historically black colleges in the United States by Best Value Schools. The rankings were published on the organization’s website in September.

Wilberforce University was ranked 33rd and 39th, respectively.

From a list of approximately 110 colleges, the 50 best value historically black graduate schools were selected and ranked based on the following factors:

– Quality of Course Curriculum as it Relates to the Job Market

– Accolades or other Noted Recognition by Education Publications

– Faculty Expertise with Terminal Degrees in the Field

– Affordability and Return on Investment (ROI)

– Graduate, Fellowship, or other Tuition Assistance Opportunities

– Career Assistance

– Features of Particular Distinction

Best Value Schools researches and provides objective, accurate, and up-to-date facts about colleges and universities that deliver the best overall value for the educational dollar. The site addresses relevant and important topics, including financial aid and assistance, support and service for the student, and return on investment. Best Value Schools answers frequently asked questions and offers tips and information related to college savings and more.

Read the full article at the following link:  http://www.bestvalueschools.com/rankings/hbcu-grad-schools/



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