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What: Signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Dayton Job Corps and Wilberforce University
WhenWednesday, August 18th, at 10:45 am
Where: Conference room at the Wilberforce University Wellness Center in the Alumni Multiplex
When students at the Dayton Job Corps are asked which are the greatest benefits to attending the center, the responses include, “the teachers are good” and “there is good career preparation”. Soon, those same accolades from Job Corps students could be attributed to the curriculum and instructors at Wilberforce University.
Through an agreement that will be signed Wednesday, August 18th at 10:45 am, students and staff at the residential/academic/vocational training center will be able to receive educational opportunities through the university’s undergraduate program and CLIMB, Wilberforce University’s adult degree program.
“The university will work directly with the counselors at Dayton Job Corps to determine their innovative academic options. Our Center for Academic and Student Success (CASS), will develop a semester by semester plan of action to support students through graduation.” – Dr. Johnny Jones, Provost, Wilberforce University
The university will provide academic support through mentoring, micro-credential courses such as cybersecurity, data science, and life/soft skills. Also included are tutoring, shared student activities, and housing, if needed. Job Corps students who are Ohio residents will be eligible for the Wilberforce University 15% tuition reduction plan. 
“Our combined effort to support those who seek more knowledge and education – particularly in higher education, will assist with transformational change for not only today but for generations to come.” – Victor Jones, Dayton Job Corps, Career Transition Specialist
Each Job Corps student’s academic level will be examined by Wilberforce faculty.
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