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Wilberforce, OH– Wilberforce University is celebrating the end of the second quarter with important financial wins as the University experiences a Renaissance.

The university, which operates a fiscal year from July-June, received a $1.2M anonymous gift from a passionate donor, as well as financial support from celebrities Kanye West (for an undisclosed amount) and Tom Joyner, who allocated 4 scholarships to students through his Tom Joyner Foundation just this week. In addition, the University accepted a generous $400,000 donation to launch a matching gift campaign towards the year end appeal from John Miller, the Vice Chair of the Wilberforce Board of Trustees who currently serves as the CEO of Denny’s. Fundraising is making a comeback with a remarkable $4M committed from passionate donors in the 2nd quarter.

Stakeholder partnerships are also on the rise, which will dramatically affect admissions in the coming months. In fact, the University’s leadership has re-established strong ties with the AME Church by announcing the launch of a $500,000 scholarship program specifically for prospective students who are members of AME Churches around the nation. This partnership will create a direct pipeline to increase student admissions.

President Pinkard shared, “We are pleased with the collective work we have done to continue a path forward for a strong, vibrant and sustainable Wilberforce University. We are, at once, our past, present and future and we stand on a legacy of noteworthy achievement to build a future of high performance. As a University community, we are all committed to the hard work required for a transformed Wilberforce.”

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Wilberforce University is the nation’s oldest private, historically black University owned and operated by African Americans. Its roots trace back to its founding in 1856, a period of American history marred by the physical bondage of people of African descent. It was also a period when the education of African Americans was not only socially prohibited but was illegal. There was nothing about the prevailing social and cultural ethos of the era that suggested that African Americans might or should be taught or could learn. Yet a powerful idea assumed life and Wilberforce University was born. The founding of Wilberforce University represented a bold, audacious and visionary example of what could happen when men and women of goodwill transcended race and the prevailing social and cultural constructs and norms to pursue a noble purpose. Today Wilberforce University offers 25 academic programs to students of promise from marginalized communities. Learn more at


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