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Allayah Hughes, C/O ’22

A world class provider of IT and data management services and the nation’s first, private HBCU have strengthened a strategic partnership. CompTech Computer Technologies and Wilberforce University (Greene County, Ohio) will now collaborate to increase the presence of underserved youth participation in STEM.

In a recently signed document, the university, and the company agreed that CompTech will provide a total of $50,000 in educational programs and professionally crafted internships to Wilberforce University STEM instructors and students enrolled in STEM curriculum. This joint venture is designed to move both parties to improve the minority presence in the field of information technology and provide financial support for the university.

 “We are going to be able to offer some courses that are available in the market. We will offer certificate courses in data science, cybersecurity, blockchain technology, and in addition to their degrees, students will be ready for companies that are hungry for Wilberforce students.” – Dr. Owusu-Nyamekye Dwobeng, Chair, Professional Studies

Dr. Dwobeng says STEM companies are looking for skill sets in micro credentials.  Earning a  related degree from Wilberforce will now include the extra expertise which will prepare Wilberforce students to compete at the top of their class.

Initially, the partnership will revolve around internships, mentorship, and Federal Bid support. With time, the team will also collaborate on career services and curriculum design.

This will allow the development of hands on, practical application programs.  Eventually,  the university will be able to offer academic curricula with new or extended courses based on this new direction.” – Dr. Deok Nam, Professor, Computer Science

It’s great news for the university’s students like senior Allayah Hughes. The computer engineering major says this announcement has come at a great time for herself and other students who are STEM majors.


‘’I’m so excited about this. Thank you CompTech for giving this opportunity to our school. I hope this will encourage more students to apply to computer science and computer engineering majors.” – Allayah Hughes, Wilberforce, Class of ‘22

The company’s charitable arm, Sci-Tech, partners with local schools, churches, colleges, and the communities in Dayton Ohio’s surrounding areas to bring awareness to the lack of diversity and inclusion in computer science and computer technology fields for people of color.

‘’CompTech is excited to begin this partnership which will revolve around internships, mentorships, and Federal Bid support. With time, the team will also collaborate on career services and curriculum design. The program will be ever changing, transforming to fit the needs of the students, Wilberforce University, and the everchanging IT community.’’   – Kristen Roberts, CompTech Computer Technologies, Inc.

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