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Wilberforce University student Romello Morris is a blue ribbon winner.  The senior communications major who is also an IT employee has won first place in the HBCU C2 photo contest, a national promotion that is part of an empowerment initiative sponsored by Apple. This imaging contest is one of the creative experiences that Apple uses to bring educational and programming opportunities to students at HBCUs. Wilberforce is proud to have partnered with Apple last year to bring coding to the campus and the surrounding community.

The story behind the award winning image: ” I took that photo in Dayton May 31st, 2020.  George Floyd had been killed few days before and there was a social injustice protest downtown with the threat of a KKK counter protest. Added to that chaos were the emotional, economic and social effects of the COVID 19 shutdowns. I noticed a man and a young boy, who I assumed was his son, quietly sitting on a nearby park bench in the sunshine sharing a sandwich.  I thought how peaceful they looked, fresh from the barber, enjoying a simple meal. As I passed them, the adult offered me one third of their burger, which I politely declined, but I was amazed at how they were trying to enjoy the day despite the demonstration and the global events that were spawned by the death of Mr. Floyd, and I was inspired by this man whom I did not know. The encounter changed my entire perspective of what it means to be a strong Black man and to take care of family, no matter what. It was a photo that was waiting to happen; a picture truly worth a thousand words.”

Romello Morris, Wilberforce University

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